Navigating the Rocky Road of Divorce

I remember as a teenager, growing up in Southwest Minnesota, picking rocks.   Yes, that’s what it says, picking rocks.   We did it a few times for fund raisers for various trips and outings that our youth group wanted to go on.  We would go out into a rocky field (very common in SW Minnesota) and someone followed us with a loader on a tractor and we would pick up the larger rocks that could cause damage to a farmer’s equipment.
Working with a recent couple who was going through a divorce I thought about that.   Divorcing is like walking through a field of rocks.   You pick up one rock and yet there are thousands of others and maybe a few land mines in there too.   Who gets to keep the desk or the couch, how can we furnish two homes instead of one?   Sometimes those so called “little” rocks can cause great damage and prevent any further movement forward.  Hurtful words begin to fly back and forth which only exasperate the situation.

In the divorce process you really have two choices.   You can retain control of the dissolution or you can leave it in the hands of your attorneys or the courts.   I encourage couples who are able to communicate to try to make the decisions for yourselves.   Some benefits of this are: a cheaper divorce,  you may be more content with the outcome, and your ability to work together can be an example to your children who are watching how you handle one of the most difficult situations in your life.

As a CDFA™ I take on the role of the financial neutral in a divorcing couples life.  If decisions are made, what will the financial impact be for each of you.  As a neutral, I can help clarify questions and concerns for both parties and try to keep transparency which is critical for success.

It is very difficult when you’re in the field of rocks to see everything from a 30,000-foot level, but that is where a financial neutral can help.   You may not feel that you have made progress or are hung up on one rock, but I can help you both see past that.   Take action today!  Give Dekker Divorce a call today and let us help you pick up the rocks.

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Meredith Dekker

Meredith Dekker, with Dekker Divorce Financial Consulting, is a certified divorce financial analyst in Arizona helping you navigate the divorce process to find a clear path to your financial future.

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