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Domestic violence awarenessOctober, it’s the month of pumpkins, trick or treaters and leaves changing color among a few.   There are fourteen different “Awareness” titles to the month, one in particular being “National Domestic Violence Awareness Month”.  It even has its own ribbon color; purple.  Domestic violence has no discernment.  It does not care how much money someone has, what race they are, what religion someone is or their background.   According to a study cited from National Coalition against domestic violence, 90% of abusers do not have a criminal record.   Their web site; has some excellent information about what to look for if you have a loved one whom you suspect may be in an unhealthy relationship.   Http:// gives specific details to Arizona.

Domestic Violence does not always result in external marks but can there can also be deep internal scars and bruising from verbal abuse, control over finances, humiliation, unpredictability to name a few can result in a life marred by psychological scaring.

Someone you know may be subjected to abuse.  They may show signs such as isolating themselves from family or friends, withdrawing, depressed or even suicidal.   If you are a victim seek help!  There are safe houses available, talk to your pastor or call a hotline.

Last year I posted a commercial sponsored by Dove and this year they have another great commercial on YouTube:  You are beautiful! Take the first step and reach out for help.

If you are someone or know of someone who you suspect is in an abusive relationship, please call a hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

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