When Things Don’t go as Planned

As it so often happens in life, things just don’t work out the way we plan on.  We could spend hours, weeks, months or years planning for something in our lives and somewhere along that path there is a twist and turn along the way.  Perhaps it’s as big as an election, a wedding, a marriage, career, money lost in your investment accounts or a sudden health issue.  It could be as small as forgetting your lunch or your intention to work out and eat well but today just didn’t go that way.  Now is the time we need to sit back and review the plan and make some adjustments.

It is so easy to give up, to be angry or frustrated, but after the pity party we all need to stand up “and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps”.    That old saying refers to lifting yourself up off the ground and facing a difficult, challenging situation and moving on.   The next question is how do I do that?divorce-mistakes

First we must look at where we are.  Imagine you are on a road and if you could fly a drone up in the air and scope out the situation, maybe you can find a different road that you didn’t know about.

Second, what do you need to get to that road?   Is it time to make some adjustments to your thinking?  Maybe you need to face a fear.   How about getting the additional training you need to move on? Do you need to get back into a routine?   Maybe you need to look at the blessings you have and be thankful for each and every one of those.  If it’s your financial plan and you need to make some adjustments; don’t delay, call your adviser.     What action do you need to take?

The last step is to move!  Pick up your feet and move it!   In many cases it’s just a matter of making the phone call.  Get involved in a group that can help guide you, plan your meal and exercise, pick up the phone and call that person you have never talked to before or sign up for a class.   Whatever that “step” is, you need to take it.

At Dekker Divorce Financial Consulting we often hear, “I don’t have a plan” or “I don’t know where to start”.   People have lived in the moment and never looked down the road.   There were kids to put through college, bills to pay and looking ahead a few years seems like a pipe dream.   When their immediate situation blows up, they feel frozen.   Don’t let your financial journey come to a stop.  Pick up the phone and call Dekker Divorce Financial Consulting today and find out what steps you need to take to continue down your financial path.

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Meredith Dekker

Meredith Dekker, with Dekker Divorce Financial Consulting, is a certified divorce financial analyst in Arizona helping you navigate the divorce process to find a clear path to your financial future.

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