Don’t Be a Back-Seat Driver: Hire Professionals You Trust and Let Them Take the Lead

Why do you hire a professional to walk you through the divorce process? Why would I would ask a question like that? When going through the divorce process it is imperative that you not only hire the right professionals but you need to hire the professionals you trust and then let them do their job! The decisions you make during the divorce process can have long term ramifications. You are in a highly emotional state and sometimes not in a rational state of mind.

You may be thinking, why of course I would let them do their job, why would I be paying them if not? I have put together short list of items that could help you navigate through the divorce process.

  1. Research who you want on your team. If you first hire an attorney and then decide to go through a mediation process you may have just wasted some valuable dollars.
  2. Interview multiple attorneys and CDFA’s before you hire them. If you have not had a good relationship with this professional from the beginning, you are not off to a solid start. Your first meeting is the time to ask questions. Whether you are paying for the initial consultation or not, it’s the best money you will spend through this process. This is where you find out the who, what, when, where and why? First instincts will tell you a lot. Don’t hire someone just because a friend got a great settlement hiring that person. Every case is different.
  3. Don’t leave out the details. It’s very easy to forget who you told what. Write down a list of details that you discussed with your attorney or CDFA and be sure to communicate those same details between each professional or better yet, give them permission to communicate. There are lots of subject areas to cover in meetings and sometimes those little things do not get asked.
  4. Don’t be the back-seat driver. Let the professional lead. Every change to the plan can cost you hundreds of dollars to make. It usually is not just a request to the judge that needs to be sent in or a number to be changed. There are many things that go on in the background that you don’t see in order to process the request.
  5. You need to communicate your expectations as well as knowing the expectations of your professional. Every professional works slightly different and knowing that procedure can keep your costs to a minimum.

Take your time, don’t feel pressured into making decisions. Emotions can control many of your decisions and sometimes those emotions are not logical.

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