• Blended Family and Remarriage Statistics

    Blended Family and Remarriage Statistics 40% of married couples with children in the U.S. are blended couples 68 percent of remarriages involve children from prior marriages. 2,100 new blended families are formed every day in the U.S. Blended families are the most common form of family in the U.S.   With the rise of blended […]

  • Death After Divorce

    Death After Divorce Death is never an easy topic to cover and yet it is something we all know is going to happen one day. Handling the death of an ex-spouse or a former in-law can be especially difficult. What do you do when your former spouse passes away? It’s a question I asked some […]

  • Faith and Divorce

    Faith and Divorce Many people have grown up in a faith community with a deep, rich history of traditions and theological beliefs. These church communities are often like family to each other and when someone is in need they are the first to give a helping hand. This bond can also make it very challenging […]

  • beautiful, talented, capable

    You Are Beautiful, You Are Talented, You Are Capable

    I really appreciate the series of commercials and videos on beauty from Dove. They show how often women wish they looked different or had different qualities. Instead these videos aim to show that beauty comes in many different packages. Especially this new video where women choose which door to walk through – beautiful or average. […]

  • debt, divorce,

    Divorce and Debt

    Divorce and debt: What is debt and how is it classified for divorce purposes? Like property, debt is classified as marital or separate. In general, both spouses are responsible for any debts incurred during the marriage. It doesn’t matter which party actually spent the money. When the property is divided at the time of divorce, […]

  • Financial Abuse

    Abuse is not a subject anyone likes to talk about. We hear about physical and emotional abuse in the news on a regular basis. There is another kind of abuse, however, that we don’t hear about as often:  financial abuse. Financial abuse occurs when one partner controls or sabotages the finances of the other causing […]

  • Divorce and Financial Hardship

    I recently spent a weekend in a city that had been hurt economically very hard with the 2008 real estate crisis. The hotel was beautiful and the area was beautiful, but there were two abandoned golf courses very near our hotel.   I took a little stroll along what once was the cart path to the […]

  • Divorce and Estate Planning

    If you are facing divorce it is very important that you review your current estate plan or put interim documents in place if you don’t have an estate plan from your marriage. Here are just three things related to divorce and estate planning that need be considered early in the process. Your CDFA can discuss […]