• Divorce and Financial Hardship

    I recently spent a weekend in a city that had been hurt economically very hard with the 2008 real estate crisis. The hotel was beautiful and the area was beautiful, but there were two abandoned golf courses very near our hotel.   I took a little stroll along what once was the cart path to the […]

  • Divorce and Estate Planning

    If you are facing divorce it is very important that you review your current estate plan or put interim documents in place if you don’t have an estate plan from your marriage. Here are just three things related to divorce and estate planning that need be considered early in the process. Your CDFA can discuss […]

  • Common Arizona Divorce Mistakes

    In my work with clients, I often see people making these common Arizona divorce mistakes.  I hope this list will help you avoid making the same pitfalls. Trying to “just get it over with” as quickly as possible, without taking the necessary time to look at all the aspects of the situation. Trying to get […]