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  • Where do you Start?

    It’s the New Year and you made it through the holidays.  The gifts are all put away, the decorations are taken down and the kids are back to school.   Now comes the difficult steps that you were contemplating before the holidays.   Is it time to move forward in your relationship or do you want to […]

  • Yes, You Are Beautiful!

    October, it’s the month of pumpkins, trick or treaters and leaves changing color among a few.   There are fourteen different “Awareness” titles to the month, one in particular being “National Domestic Violence Awareness Month”.  It even has its own ribbon color; purple.  Domestic violence has no discernment.  It does not care how much money someone […]

  • Blended Family and Remarriage Statistics

    Blended Family and Remarriage Statistics 40% of married couples with children in the U.S. are blended couples 68 percent of remarriages involve children from prior marriages. 2,100 new blended families are formed every day in the U.S. Blended families are the most common form of family in the U.S.   With the rise of blended […]

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    Divorce and Debt

    Divorce and debt: What is debt and how is it classified for divorce purposes? Like property, debt is classified as marital or separate. In general, both spouses are responsible for any debts incurred during the marriage. It doesn’t matter which party actually spent the money. When the property is divided at the time of divorce, […]