What is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™?

If you are facing divorce, chances are your life has been turned upside down and you may be feeling very uncertain about your financial future. Working with a Certified Divorce Financial AnalystTM or CDFATM can give you the expert advice and peace of mind you need.

A CDFATM has been specially trained to analyze the financial issues in divorce and can help you understand the long-term context of any financial settlement.  They provide valuable information for a fair, equitable and just resolution. Through the process your CDFATM will help you understand:

  • personal vs marital property
  • how to value property
  • division of assets
  • how to divide retirement savings and pensions
  • spousal and child support
  • potential tax implications and solutions
  • the settlement you need

A Certified Divorce Financial AnalystTM will:

  • Help you determine the short-term and long-term impact of a proposed divorce settlement
  • Offer valuable insight into the pros and cons of proposals and what kind of settlement you need
  • Help you understand and avoid common pitfalls in divorce
  • Create reports and graphs showing cash flow, financial status and net worth to assist with settlement proposals and agreements

A Certified Divorce Financial AnalystTM has graduated from the Institute of Divorce Financial AnalystsTM  and has extensive financial expertise in the fields of financial planning, accounting or law. A CDFATM has specialized training in the financial issues of divorce and must complete 30 hours of continuing education courses every two years.